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Journal of a Fangirl

(I want him and her and THEM!)

Dirty Minded Gutter Slut
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Dirty Minded Gutter Slut

"I'm like a dirty old man... but I'm not old... and I'm not a man."

I'm a pervert, I'm a freak, I'm a sick twisted cradle robbing old man fucking Dirty Minded Gutter Slut! Or... not. Let's face it, no one is normal. I'm drooling over a boy one minute that isn't even my little brother's age, and the next I'm having dirty thoughts about a man old enough to be my father. And yet believe it or not I'm happily taken by a man only two years older than I am.

If you really want to know, the name came from a friend of mine. He was reaching for some kind of insult and I think he was trying to say that my dirty mind was in the gutter, but it got garbled. In a rush to try and make it seem like it made a bit of sense, he added the "slut" part on the end. I thought it was pretty damn funny.

Lastly, before you call me a raving fangirl and admonish me for it, I'd ask you to read this. It really does explain a lot about me, and hopefully it will change your mind. If it doesn't... well you're wrong and I probably don't want to talk to you anyway. *heh*

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